Taking tech to the next level


Technology should move towards a ‘New World Advice’ model to enable advisers to serve customers better, analyse and manage assets more efficiently and attract new clients.

Technology is lowering the barriers to market entry for a whole generation of digital competitors who are reshaping the playing field by raising customer expectations and experiences. When client expectations are becoming higher and the competition is becoming even more fierce, the only way to have the upper hand is by embracing innovation to stay ahead of the curve and making the most of what technology has to offer.

Advisers investing in technology are benefitting from being able to better service their clients, increase their client retention, attract new clients and increase their earning power. If anything, technology empowers advisers to build stronger relationships, manage and deliver on their expectations and create a clearer path for goal-based planning that is so important to the younger generation, who expect a seamless customer experience that is easy, accessible and intuitive. In our experience clients are not afraid of technology if it’s intuitive and easy-to-use, so there is indeed no reason why advisers should be overly cautious if they find the right tech that makes them more efficient quickly.

Investment in innovation and technology can enhance efficiency through front-to-back automation and future-proof a business by upgrading key client touch points.

The recently announced collaboration and partnership between Focus Solutions and Skipton Building Society is an example of how utilising a range of digital client engagement tools and automated para-planning functionality via Focus Solutions’ now:digital and now:advise propositions is enabling Skipton to offer their current services to a variety of different client types in the most efficient and profitable way.

The key elements of the solution includes a Portfolio Analysis Tool that supports financial advisers through the task of analysing existing client assets (Packaged Retail Investment Products and other investment contracts) and helping them to make recommendations regarding future positioning and potential portfolio changes and making platform switching easier. There is also a Triaging Tool that makes sure consumers are offered the most appropriate advice model and investment proposition to meet their particular circumstances.

Other elements include:

  • Costs & Charges Calculator enables financial advisers to provide their clients with a detailed, fully compliant (MIFDII) disclosure of the costs and charges associated with their current or recommended investment.
  • Orchestrated client journeys.
  • Workflow suite of tools to automate back-office functions.
  • Powerful cashflow modelling engine.
  • Client portal for initial client engagement digital elements and ongoing servicing, which includes online fact-find, valuation, document storage and secure messaging.

We believe the adviser technology sector needs to take a ‘New World Advice’ approach where the focus moves away from pieces of siloed software that offers standalone solutions to a next-generation holistic solution for advisers. This should involve the whole advice process from back office, through advice and client interactions to offer exceptional client experience and accessible services, maximising the profitability and boosting efficiency of every aspect of the advice business. In this way advisers can provide advice in the most appropriate way, at the most appropriate price in the way the client wants to interact.


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