REMOTE WORKING: Listen & Learn, Have Fun & Trust Your Team


How by making our staff’s wellbeing a priority we’re keeping our customers No. 1.

When we knew we had to close the office and send all our 100 + staff home we weren’t phased.  As a forward thinking digital business, naturally we had a well-practiced and thought out Disaster Recovery plan in  place (thanks to our exceptional IT Infrastructure team) meaning we were able to have all staff set up and working from home from day one of the lockdown.  It is because of this that in the initial period when there was so much upheaval and uncertainty, our customers continued to receive a seamless service and could trust that it was business as usual for Focus Solutions.

Of course, our Disaster Recovery was intended to protect us from massive power failures or similar, not global pandemics.  We knew that in order to keep delivering for our customers we had an immediate duty to look after our staff’s mental wellbeing in these unprecedented times.  We are, after all, a business made up of people, not just tech.

While the physical and mental wellbeing of our team has always been important to us and is an area that we as a business have always been evolving and improving to promote a greater culture and environment, we knew that we didn’t just want to cope working remotely, we wanted to exceed.

So here are our three main objectives while we work through these uncertain times.

Listen & Learn

Staff need to be able to let you know they need help.  Periodically, we conduct an employee wellbeing survey which gives us an insight and a better understanding of our team’s mental health and what we may as a business need to change or implement to improve.   We don’t expect to get it right all the time and what was working on week one may not work anymore on week six – we listen, we learn and we evolve.

Have fun

There’s no question these are challenging times so staff morale is even more important than usual.   Since lockdown we’ve seen an increase in informal chat amongst colleagues over our conferencing app throughout the day.  This doesn’t worry us, motivational songs, jokes and more are encouraged to lift morale and maintain high spirits.

While we can’t meet in person we promote video chat and promote a group video call every lunchtime for those that need a break and some interaction.

Trust your team

We’ve always offered flexibility, particularly with staff who are parents and now isn’t the time to take that flexibility away.  We trust our staff to get the job done and they do, our productivity as a business is still excellent.

So we don’t fear change, we know that to succeed we must adapt and evolve quickly.  While as individuals we won’t always find these times easy we can be happy that as a business we’re focusing on supporting our staff and not just so we can continue to achieve our goals, but so our customers can too.



Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash