OneFamily Case Study


OneFamily has chosen now:advise from Focus Solutions as the software solution behind its innovative new lifetime mortgage advice service, OneFamily Advice.

Offering over 2.6 million customers innovative financial products and services, OneFamily broadened its reach with its Lifetime Mortgage Advice proposition in mid-2018. We spoke to Glyn Woodgates, their Business Standards Manager, to learn more about the company, its services and how Focus Solutions software has helped.

Tell us a bit about OneFamily Advice and how you first came into contact with Focus Solutions

OneFamily Advice is a new proposition for us. It came about at the beginning of 2017 when a decision was made to offer Lifetime Mortgage advice to consumers. This was a first for us, as prior to that point OneFamily did not have an advice offering.

From consumer research we knew we required a remote, telephone-based, digital service so when we were setting up OneFamily Advice we recognised that we needed a point of sale system that would facilitate mortgage advice sales and support a digital journey, this is what initially lead us to engage with Focus.

We identified a number of potential providers in the market, through our tender process, Focus came out as top scorer. After a positive presentation and meeting, we visited Focus’ offices, saw demos and got to the point where it was clear that Focus was the best fit for what we wanted to achieve.

What were the key drivers behind the project?

From a business perspective we are already a lifetime mortgage lender and recognise that the lifetime mortgages market is a growing industry. The next clear step for us was to not just provide lifetime mortgages but to also offer advice on them. The way to do that was a separate “whole of market” lifetime mortgage advice subsidiary, which is what OneFamily Advice is.

What were the objectives behind the project and working with Focus?

The key thing OneFamily was looking for was an off the shelf solution, one that was virtually ready to go and was cost effective.

It was also important to be able to engage with our clients digitally as this is a remote proposition. Focus’ client portal is a great solution for this and allows customers to part complete the fact find, upload and view documents and secure messages in a user-friendly way.

Delivery was also key, our timescales were such that we needed Focus to be able to deliver within 8–12 weeks, which it was able to do.

The final thing that really impressed us was the willingness of Focus to engage and work with us to meet and deliver what we needed.

Did Focus provide you with something that others couldn’t?

Focus was able to deliver everything we needed within budget and to the timescales we required.

What’s it like working with Team Focus?

The team at Focus is accommodating and easy to do business with, even during the period of configuration where we were setting up users, designing hierarchy, setting up workflow, customising emails and branding etc.

What are your plans for 2019 and how can Focus help you achieve them?

As always, it’s about increasing the efficiency of our advisers as far as admin goes and by working with Focus to improve that process with further integrations and automations, electronic identification checks for example, which reduce the number of times data has to be keyed will go a long way in helping us achieve this.

Overall our objective is to just keep refining what we’re doing for our customers and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Focus to help us achieve this.