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Why tech integration is not to be feared but embraced


There are many reasons to embrace technology. Today, we use technology in some form in so many areas. Our smartphones are so integrated into our lives because with barely any effort on our part we receive everything we need in a swipe or two. It’s changed the way we interact with almost every industry and financial services is no different.

Technology has opened up financial services and given people the tools to manage their own money better. Yet for many clients, the human element of the advice process is still key, and will “remain a constant” as Roger Brosch, chief executive of Foster Denovo, pointed out in one of his recent interviews with FT Adviser. This, however, is expected to be delivered in a far more efficient and less time-consuming manner. Terms such as ‘holistic approach’ and ‘holistic financial planning’ have been around for quite some time and are used frequently by many portfolio managers and financial advisers. However, the real challenge is to keep the promise of actually delivering it. We believe the most efficient and effective manner to deliver is with sophisticated technology and software in place.

The changing needs and expectations of clients is evidently pushing more advisers to embrace the benefits of technology. According to a study conducted by Schwab Advisory Services, 58% of independent advisory firms plan to invest in a new technology this year, with some of the key reasons being to serve more clients (38%), reducing manual work (20%), letting employees focus on high-value work (17%) and improving security (11%). This in itself is a good enough reason why portfolio managers and financial planners should not fear technology, but instead should take advantage of it to help clients across a whole spectrum of objectives.

As one of the leading financial services software houses – with an enviable track record of providing effective advice and business automation, CRM, T&C and financial planning solutions, our primary focus is to help you build client relationships that last a lifetime. Thus, our approach revolves around building digital solutions that feel human. For example, our now:advise , system is built with single source workflow, simplifies, streamlines and automates your business processes. Supported by the most extensive end-to-end capability in the UK’s advice marketplace, it provides one holistic view and allows you to manage prospects through to clients, and the ongoing relationship. It is highly configurable and allows you to tailor communications at an individual client level.

Fast: the homepage provides rapid access to everything you need

Engaging: the system intelligently adapts to support the advice process, allowing the conversation to be the priority.

Comprehensive: help your advisers deliver excellent client experience and the best solutions.









Adviser technology should be simple, intuitive, easy to use and immediately improve efficiency and the client experience. The best adviser software these says is not complex nor takes time and effort to bed-in. It works straight out of the box.

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