in:focus with Rob Moores


The people and the stories behind Focus Solutions.

We chat with Focus Solutions’ long-serving Software Developer, Rob Moores, about the working environment at their office in Leamington Spa, his love of music and rugby, and his three must haves when stranded on a desert island…

How long have you worked for Focus?

Over six years so I am well and truly part of the furniture!

What did you do before Focus?

I graduated from Aberystwyth University studying Business IT & Computer Science. In my 3rd year at university I went on a sandwich year where I worked as a Business/Test Analyst for a year with TNT. I was meant to start at Focus in August 2012, but I had to get in touch to rearrange the start date to September as it clashed with my honeymoon!

What made you follow this particular career path?

I’ve always had an interest in IT and computing and felt it was right to follow a career that related to my degree.

What does your day-to-day job entail?

Developing against customer requirements, investigating and fixing bugs, and having a laugh with colleagues along the way! I recently became a certified Scrum Master so I am also taking on the Scrum Master role for a new Implementations Team.

Favourite thing about working for Focus?

The people and the work environment. We’re a good team and we all get on well together.

Outside of work, how do you relax and like to spend your free time?

In the free time I manage to squeeze in around having two young daughters, I enjoy heading to the gym, picking up the guitar, going out with the family, and when my eldest doesn’t request Frozen, Moana or Arthur Christmas on TV as soon as I turn the PS4 on, gaming! I also enjoy helping out with the youth events and groups at church.

Interesting fact about you?

I used to play in a band where we entered a BBC Midlands competition and were shortlisted in the top 10 out of 600+ bands. The top 10 bands had to play on TV (BBC Midlands Today, so not quite on a global scale…) where people called in to vote for their favourite band. We came 3rd in the end and won a day out at a professional recording studio to record an EP. We naively thought we’d be able to record a full album in one day, but soon realised that it takes a fair while to record one song, let alone 10!

You’re stranded on a desert island; what three things would you want with you?

A speed boat, an acoustic guitar, and a Bible.