in:focus with Pete Weston


The people and the stories behind Focus Solutions.


Pete Weston, Senior Developer at Focus Solutions, talks about the day-to-day role and occasional challenges he faces, his love of the outdoors and his new hobby, paddle-boarding.

How long have you worked for Focus?

Been here since December 2007, so just the 11 and a half years.

What did you do before Focus?

I started off working the cash desk at HFC in Wolverhampton then moved to the Head Office and performed several roles around the business, including developing and building documents and reports using ISIS. The English legal agreements were fine, but the Polish and Hungarian documents were a little more time consuming! Eventually I found myself in the testing department and obtained some qualifications. I got a call out of the blue about a testing role at Focus and decided to come for an interview and I was in, hoping to move into development at some point.

What made you follow this particular career path?

Honestly, I fell into it. After school I undertook an apprenticeship course in business studies then I had to choose between working at the local newspaper or for an American banking corporation… well I thought there would be more money in banking, so chose that. How wrong I was! Sometimes I imagine that I could have been a journalist, reporting on football or all kind of sports, travelling around the world…

What does your day-to-day job entail?

Depends on what project I’m working on, but could be a simple list of caption changes or changing field properties, maybe writing some simple or complex database migration scripts, maybe having “fun” merging a Product release into an Implementation and upgrading the client, or even solutionizing a client’s new idea and trying to see how best it can fit into focus:360°, occasionally there’s some complex calculations that need to be written within a new or bespoke service.

There’s a wide variety across the focus:360° application that I get involved in, mainly for an Implementation of some kind. I’d say there’s never a dull moment, but then I would be lying, every job has some degree of monotony. Also difficult bugs that take time in hunting down the cause, seem to keep finding their way to my workload.

Favourite thing about working for Focus?

Rarely having to work weekends, everyone needs some downtime, too much work is bad for you. We only get one go on this earth, do what makes you smile. Oh and the people, yeah, the people here are great, some even good friends.

Outside of work, how do you relax and like to spend your free time?

Running, well occasionally a run is a relaxing thing, honest.

Golf, now that’s not actually relaxing — stupid game.

Paddle-boarding, a new thing I have taken up and enjoy, love being on the water.

Cycling (MTB) well a duathlon\triathlon usually means some time in the saddle.

Walking, love getting out in the countryside, especially if there’s a pub or two on route (there’s usually at least one!).

Camping, well now I have a VW camper, be wrong to not use it for a weekend getaway or two.

Holidays, can’t beat getting on a plane to go snowboarding or soak up some rays.

Pub, well, everyone loves a bit of pub time, surely?

See, told you weekends were important.

Interesting fact about you?

Interesting? Me? Erm…I ran a marathon once without training for it. Nope, that’s not interesting. I’m planning to take part in the UK Paddle-boarding polo championships later this year, something different right? No, hmmm, I have a metal plate attached to my jawbone.

You’re stranded on a desert island; what three things would you want with you?

Hunting knife, lighter, sun cream