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now:plan Pension Income Modeller (PIM)

Create and compare annuity & drawdown pension income strategies.

The Pension Income Modeller from now: plan helps you show your clients 'at retirement' how to choose the pension income strategy that's right for them.

  • Maximise income
  • Maximise sustainability
  • Minimise risk

Simple, interactive and engaging, PIM makes life easier for you and your clients.

By focusing on the right problems, it lets you work more quickly and more cost-effectively than any other tool.

Pension freedom, for advisers.

Built on world-famous financial modelling expertise

Because we're using the globally recognised stochastic modelling engine from Moody's Analytics, you can be confident that projections are being done on the most realistic basis possible, using historical market performance, by running thousands of calculations per strategy.

The spread of potential outcomes is expressed as annual incomes, making it easy for the client to understand the upper, middle and lower probability outcomes.

Learn more about how we use Moody's Analytics stochastic modelling

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The now :plan Pension Income Modeller (PIM) helps you show your clients 'at retirement' how to choose the pension strategy that's right for them.

PIM makes pension income planning easy

Long-term benefits

Year-by-year income comparisons clearly show the benefit of your advice.

Demonstrable value

Streamlined data capture and pre-defined income strategies let get more done, more quickly.

Greater profitability

Moody's Analytics powerful economic modelling engine lets you have confidence in the results.

Real-world results

Clear language, interactive charts and the right answers helps you connect with your clients.

Stronger engagement

Have the right answer to hand, every time

find the best combination of annuity and drawdown and UFPLS

support your advice process with projected outcomes

goal-seek the right annuity split to match key expenditure

use summaries and detailed views to illustrate your points

illustrate income sustainability over time

show the differences in income tax

automatically create and compare multiple scenarios

vary all inputs, or duplicate and modify strategies

explain inflation by comparing today's and future values

include charges, lump sums and crystallised or uncrystallised pots

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Getting started

Our new planning tools can be used in three different ways.

Choose from a fast, 'out-of-the-box' solution; apply your own branding and asset allocations or go all-out and embed the tools in your own web application.

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