Show your clients the future with now:plan cash flow

An easier way to do investment, pension, and retirement planning with a ground-breaking cash flow modeller which fits seamlessly into now:advise, our broader advice and practice management solution.

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Not sure how you might use cashflow modelling in your firm? Take a look at our 'how-to' videos.

Modelling long term care

Modelling a DB to DC pension transfer

Modelling a "buy-to-let" investment

We're offering one month's free trial of now:plan cash flow for advisers who register today.


  • Capture fact find information interactively with your clients
  • Outline and compare multiple scenarios quickly and easily
  • Select from, or create, a wide range of real life client events
  • Model growth based on your clients’ risk levels
now:plan cash flow modeller.


  • Interactively model real-life client scenarios
  • Easily toggle factors such as products, events, assets...
  • Demonstrate market crashes and varying conditions
  • Drill down into charts to access underlying details
now:plan cash flow modeller.


  • Drag and drop “what-ifs” to see real-time results
  • Flip between charts / tables and summary / detail views
  • Demonstrate the impact of inflation on future values
  • Produce professional, automated reports
now:plan cash flow modeller.
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With world-famous financial modelling expertise

To deliver the best experience, our cash flow engine delivers updates in real-time as you drag and drop 'what-if' events around on the timelime.

And, to give you peace of mind, we're working with Moody's Analytics - unrivalled experts in the field of financial modelling - to build in more informed growth rates.

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now:plan cash flow gives financial advisers an easy and engaging way to create and explore financial planning with clients.

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