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Direct to consumer. Robo-advice. Simplified advice.

Digital client engagement - make the connection.

focus:client lets you make lasting digital connections with consumers. Supporting direct to consumer (D2C) journeys, as well as the delivery of fully-automated simplified advice and robo-advice, this client engagement framework helps you get your proposition to market.

Whether you drive business through digital channels only, or use them to support telephony, face-to-face or branch-based channels, focus:client gives you the tools to empower and engage your clients.

focus:client lets you seamlessly blend your own custom content into our UI, using customer data to deliver a truly personalised experience.

  • Help consumers manage their finances, self-assess and transact through a personalised client portal.
  • Meet the increasing service-level expectations of your target market.
  • Distribute financial products directly (intermediary options available).
  • Automatically present personally relevant solutions, and new business opportunities, to consumers.


Bringing your clients closer to their finances brings them closer to you, and letting them do more lets you focus on delivering excellent service.

Make it personal

focus:client lets you mix your content in with ours. Using the data we have available, we can let you put exactly the right message in front of every user.

Your business benefits

focus:client lets you strengthen your client relationships.

  • Easy, client driven product maintenance, decision tree logic.
  • Client segmentation to drive different client journey experiences.
  • Deep, two-way integration with a variety of quotes engines / services / policy and admin systems.
  • Management information functionality.
  • Simple re-brand capability.
  • Secure user-based administration.
  • Call-centre channel support.

Your consumers benefit

focus:client lets your clients engage on their own terms.

  • Education and engagement support.
  • Account opening.
  • Existing legacy portfolio capture.
  • Fund valuation and analysis tools.
  • Quote, apply, transfer and re-registration.
  • New instruction tracking.
  • Smartphone portfolio access.


Providing an innovative client engagement framework, focus:client enables you to deliver a proactive, client-centric digital experience.

Configured during the implementation phase to meet the needs of your organisation, focus:client flexes with your business to deliver valuable solutions.

focus:client can deliver fully automated advice processes, extend the Focus Solutions advised client portal to deliver direct consumer engagement and support telephone based offerings.


focus:client helps you build, develop and retain your client base by delivering outstanding, proactive client service.

  • Reduced cost of sale and service.
  • Increased client retention.
  • Increased conversion.
  • Intelligent up-selling.
  • Tailored client engagement.
  • Easier client acquisition.
  • Greater client insight.
  • Automatic cross-sell.

Features & functionality

focus:client is all about extending the core client portal to deliver self-service and transactional capabilities to consumers. It contains a number of core features…

  • Comprehensive holdings and net-worth – “What do I have?”
  • Current and historic performance – “How is it doing?”
  • Goals and objectives – “Am I on track?”
  • Tailored content – “What can I do about this?”
  • Secure two-way messaging – “Can you help me with…”
  • Alerts and updates – “Oh! My fixed rate is coming to an end.”
  • Secure document sharing – “Can I scan and upload this instead of posting it?”
  • Rich cash-flow modelling – “What happens if I..?”

… and can be extended to deliver anything that can be accessed online…

With focus:client your consumers can review, model and transact whenever, and wherever, they want.

Let them do more - put the power in their hands.