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Scalable e-commerce platform for lenders.

focus:broker is a mortgage propositions enabler.

It supports the whole user journey, from initial engagement through to full mortgage application, funds release and into ongoing client servicing, management and retention.

Choose and configure the modules and hosting options that you need to shape the right solution for your business.

  • Quote, DIP and Apply mortgages extranet.
  • Your choice of MSO solution provider.
  • Flexible, consumer-friendly user journeys.
  • Extensible custom content framework.
  • Long-term client engagement.

This is a game-changer.

Document uploads, secure messaging and co-browsing let you deliver a seamless, on-demand, modern experience.

The whole data collection, evidence production and document management process is faster and easier.

Sales and retentions will both benefit from automatic updates that keep people informed and tailored content that lets you share the right offers to the right people at the right time.

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Valuable connections

Connect every part of your distribution chain with a single servicing platform.

focus:broker features

Engaging omni-channel distribution

Increased benefits, across the board.

Increased operational efficiency

Increased operational efficiency

Increased transaction volumes

Increased transaction volumes

Increased speed to market

Increased speed to market

Increased customer retention

Increased customer retention

Capabilities that grow with you

focus:broker scales up from a broker mortgages extranet to a full mortgage delivery platform, linking multiple systems to deliver a single, seamless user experience.

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focus:broker lets you engage and delight your clients.

  • Custom content framework delivers tailored marketing.
  • Secure messaging and alerts keep clients informed.
  • Document uploads lets you each share what you need.
  • User testing and research drives great user experiences.
  • Co-browsing lets you connect and engage online.
  • Client portal supports lifetime client engagement.

Connect advisers, brokers and consumers - effortlessly

focus:broker can help you revolutionise your e-commerce strategy by providing the solution to implement a single consolidated extranet platform which supports multiple distribution channels for any products such as life & pensions and mortgages.

Multi-tiered user hierarchy providing users with different brands, sales processes and access rights according to their role.

Support for Origo's Unipass digital certificate.

Case management functionality including storage, retrieval and management of quotes, illustrations and applications.

Client management functionality, providing a single view of the client's provisions, holdings and up-to-date valuations.

Standard interface into market leading stochastic modeling tools.

Pre and post sales illustrations and KFIs.

Electronic new business support for the whole mortgage application process.

Consumer portal to enable clients to view their portfolio's performance.

Affordability calculators.

Interfaces with leading eID, Anti-fraud, eAML and AVM solutions.

Configurable PDF outputs for illustration purposes.

Straight-through processing.


focus:broker scales from a mortgages extranet, through a broker portal, to full mortgage advice and into ongoing servicing, all based around an aggregated client view.

Modular in design, focus:broker is designed to interface with a variety of internal systems and market leading external tools – it provides a framework through which you can deliver additional capabilities as your roadmap evolves.

It enables mortgage lenders to service intermediaries / brokers and consumers electronically across a range of products including buy-to-let, self-cert, sub-prime, sub-prime self-cert, commercial and mainstream lending.


focus:broker helps you build, develop and retain your client base by providing the tools to deliver outstanding client service whilst minimising administrative process costs.

  • Deliver enhanced value to brokers by providing direct consumer access.
  • Remove costs and build your mortgage offering on a single dedicated platform.
  • Streamline and automate business processes to reduce operational costs.
  • Reduce the number of IT staff involved in supporting multiple internal systems.
  • Exploit new sales channels to secure distribution and protect market share.
  • Achieve straight through processing whilst providing an aggregated client view.
  • Remove error-prone, paper based processes.
  • Deliver more value, and clearer information, to your users.
  • Improve compliance and minimise compensation payments.
  • Improve cash-flow by reducing time to complete.

Features & functionality

Designed to provide a core framework that you can extend as needed, focus:broker offers all the core lending functionality ‘out of the box’.

It will revolutionise your e-commerce strategy, giving you a single consolidated lending platform which supports multiple distribution channels for any product.

Underlying technology features

  • Browser-based, cross-platform application UI.
  • Repeatedly tested and proven enterprise-class security.
  • Truly service-oriented (SOA) supporting significant scale and integration into wider enterprise systems.
  • Built using best of breed third-party components including Microsoft .Net, jQuery and Angular JS as well as our own, in-house technology stack that enables rapid process and UI development.
  • Built to support Origo standards
  • A rich data model with more than 19,000 fields, supporting all aspects of full advice and ongoing servicing.
  • Can be hosted by us (we partner with RackSpace) or deployed into your own environment.

It's for mortgages, for you, for life.

focus:lender connects mortgage lenders, advisers, brokers and consumers across a range of products and needs.