Connectivity. Engagement. Delivery.

focus:360° sits at the heart of your business to give you total financial distribution.

focus:360° connects the different elements of your business, internally and externally, giving you a single omni-channel distribution platform – it is a true financial distribution enabler.

It delivers the underlying functionality that is shared by our core products – focus:adviser, focus:client, focus:broker and now:advise, each of which have been designed to support specific distribution channels.

Powered by our process orchestration engine, focus:360° delivers an integrated mix of core capabilities, including mobile and web app services, remuneration management, back-office administration, call-centre and operations management, management information reporting, data cubes, case-checking and compliance monitoring.

Individual products then add an adviser portal (with advised client portal), a consumer portal, a lending solution and training and competence management.

Whichever "focus:" product you choose, you benefit from the same core platform features.

If you take them all, you get true 360° distribution.

focus:360° overview

Modular and configurable by design, but with rich functionality available 'out of the box', each "focus:" product works independently, but becomes more powerful as other Focus products are added to the solution

focus:360° elements focus:360 focus:broker focus:client focus:adviser focus:progress

Comprehensive practice management

focus:360° supports focus:adviser and now:advise with extensive practice management capability, delivering new business processing, remuneration management, valuation and service reporting, compliance management and case checking.

Case checking

  • Automated specialist advice escalations.
  • Case sampling by adviser and advice type.
  • Remedial process support.
  • Adviser quality monitoring.

New business processing

  • Product-specific new business workflow generation.
  • Workflow task management.
  • Pending and final confirmed policy details update.
  • Status notifications to all relevant parties.

CRM and policy management

  • Rich “Global Search” allows advisers to drive their portfolio of clients.
  • Automated alerts and tasks provide pro-active prompts.
  • Extensive policy data / history underpin back office processing.

Valuation and service reports

  • A wide range of contract enquiry feeds are supported; bulk, real-time, L&P and platforms.
  • Built in client servicing framework allows multiple service propositions.
  • Client service report provides automated and personalised picture of a client's complete financial status.

Remuneration management

  • Create all expectation types.
  • Offset charges, commission and fees.
  • Auto-reconcile CSV and EDI receipts.
  • Reconcile fees.
  • Manage adviser / introducer splits and payments.
  • Suspense and debtor management.
  • Extensive financial reporting including RMAR output.

Training and competency

  • T&C or, as we refer to it, 'professionalism' management is available through separate focus:progress or now:progress subscriptions, depending on how much configuration and capability is appropriate for your business.

Management Information (MI)

  • Scalable MI warehouse.
  • Dashboard and drill-down feature.
  • A range of star schemas & pre-defined data cubes to enable extensive Excel & Microsoft SQL reporting.
  • A range of automated, team targeted management reports out of the box.
  • Report "inbox" function allowing key reports to be automatically delivered on a chosen frequency across the business.


focus:360° is an omni-channel, omni-goal financial services distribution platform.

Richly functional in its own right, focus:360° has more than 130 system integrations and a modular architecture that allows us to ‘wrap and deliver’ a huge range of additional third-party systems without impacting your users.

Driven by data, and focused on clients, it recognises user types and alters both the sales process and user experience automatically.

focus:360° delivers game-changing capabilities and provides a modern foundation for lifetime client engagement.


focus:360° supports any channel, any sales process, any product, any client type and any advice model from a single platform, enabling you to deliver a flexible and engaging consumer experience.

  • With an integrated view of client needs and provisions, identify more opportunities to deliver value.
  • Increase both up and cross-selling of products and services.
  • Increase client engagement with automatically tailored user experiences across channels.
  • Reduce ongoing costs with a future proof ongoing distribution strategy.
  • Rapidly develop and launch new products and propositions.
  • Streamline and automate business processes to reduce operational costs.
  • Reduce IT costs through streamlined IT architecture and rationalisation of disparate systems
  • Improve compliance and minimise compensation payments.

Features & functionality

focus:360° supports you in delivering the full range of financial sales, across all products and markets.

  • Omni-channel client servicing platform, supporting face-to-face, co-browsing (with now:share), telephony, online, self-service and mobile.
  • Joined-up client management, including portfolio creation, valuations, performance monitoring, event-based alerts, commission / fee management, compliance reporting and customer service reports.

Underlying technology features

  • Browser-based, cross-platform application UI.
  • Repeatedly tested and proven enterprise-class security.
  • Truly service-oriented (SOA) supporting significant scale and integration into wider enterprise systems.
  • Built using best of breed third-party components including Microsoft .Net, jQuery and Angular JS as well as our own, in-house technology stack that enables rapid process and UI development.
  • Built to support Origo standards
  • A rich data model with more than 19,000 fields, supporting all aspects of full advice and ongoing servicing.
  • Can be hosted by us (we partner with RackSpace) or deployed into your own environment.


Omni-channel client engagement on a single, powerful platform.