... is an absolute game changer

Advice Engine New from Focus

Advice Engine is a cutting-edge automated investment advice generator.

Everything from simple advice to complex consolidation advice in seconds, factoring in maximising tax allowances, aligning risk, fund rating and reducing cost.

Save yourself hours of work per case, transform your cost to serve and re-imagine your propositions.

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Screen capture of the Advice Engine output

Perfectly optimised portfolios, presented in seconds.

How it works

Our Advice Engine integrates seamlessly with your existing advice business.

Configure it with your rules and preferences, then give it a client scenario and it will provide the optimal portfolio make up in less than 10 seconds.

With the Advice Engine you get swift, precise, and reliable investment advice tailored to each client, every time.

The Advice Engine from Focus delivers personalised and perfectly optimised financial advice in less than 10 seconds

Data is passed to the Advice Engine via our (fully documented) API layer, which also returns the outputs to your CRM for seamless integration with your advice cases.

For the more technically-minded

Advice Engine API access details

Advice Engine is fully API accessible, and we'd really like you to come have a look at the documentation. You can sign up for access here.

We'll send you details of how to access our developer docs site, where you'll find a technical overview of how Advice Engine is integrated with your client relationship management (CRM) / back-office systems, as well as the cloud-based hosting environment and how this co-exists with your own technical infrastructure.

The docs site also covers how initial configuration works, which values you need to pass in to the API, and how you can interpret the results returned to match them back up with your advised case.

Are you spending ages on manual process? Please, let us know.

We think that Advice Engine will change how firms do advice, and we want to hear from you.

Are you spending too much for each £1,000 revenue?

The revenue generated per case is dictated by the market, but the cost of that is up to you.

Advice Engine lets you deliver the same advice you do now, but much (much) more quickly. So, you can complete more cases in the same amount of time, or spend more time with the clients on each case, without increasing your costs.

Compare the advice process with and without the Advice Engine

The Advice Engine from Focus delivers personalised and perfectly optimised financial advice in less than 10 seconds

Are you doing this more efficiently?

We'd love to talk to you about how you deliver great consumer outcomes

Advice Engine at a glance

It's an expert system, not another decision tree

Advice Engine is a complex modelling service, built using our in-house expertise.

Sophisticated algorithms ensure mathematically perfect advice.

Easy to setup, then super-fast to run, giving 100% repeatable results.

Perfectly optimised advice, your way, based on your rules.

It's not an “AI”, but It's just as quick

(in fact, so far it's quicker than anything else we've seen).

Plus, and more importantly, that means you can be confident that the advice produced follows your rules, with nothing else added in by a computer's imagination.

Trusted by UK advisers

Improving the efficiency of their advice service

Focus has been powering high-street banks and household names since the 90s. We transform how financial advice is delivered.

The first iteration of the “Advice Engine” has gone live and is an absolute game changer for Skipton Building Society and our ability to help more customers with their longer term financial goals.

Matt Leach

- Jo Barwick

Skipton Building Society


Cases fully automated


Suitability reports 100% automated


STP Origo productivity gain


Reduction in time to prepare advice


Reduction in case checking

Advice Engine

Now integrated into Skipton Building Society's advice journey

Discover how Advice Engine can revolutionise your workflow, enhance client outcomes, and drive your firm's success

(Or, just get in touch to tell us you're doing it better!)

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