Advice Engine New - advice automation with a difference

Focus' new product removes hours of manual processing from each case, giving mathematically perfect portfolios, in moments

  • Complex financial advice in a click
  • 100% API accessible
  • Your in-house expert system
  • Single / joint asset sharing control
  • Investment priority and sequencing
  • Total tax optimisation

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Focus creates game-changing financial advice software

We're shifting the dial in financial services

Focus believes in the power of good advice, and knows how badly received unsolicited advice can be.

That's why all of our user experiences are designed around showing the benefit of advice so that your customers come to you.

Our tools don't just solve problems, they also help you connect personally with your users.

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Perfectly optimised portfolios, presented in seconds.

We're evolving.

Our underlying technology is improving, with new modules and an enhanced experience, coming soon.

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Digital client engagement and onboarding

Our digital engagement offering is all about client engagement and promoting financial wellbeing – help your clients’ build a full financial picture and allow them to explore all their options.

  • Empower your clients with a financial health check.
  • Saves you valuable time and increase efficiency.
  • Ideal for modern advisers and wealth managers looking to broaden their market reach.

Our digital client engagement solutions run stand-alone or embedded in your website.


  • Generate higher quality leads and place value on the advice required to help solve them.
  • Interactive tools that engage clients and help them discover that they need advice.
  • Save time by allowing clients to ‘self-serve’.
  • Add capabilities such as cashflow and backoffice without needing to re-key data.
  • Designed and tested by the end-user, you will deliver the best client experience.

Features and functionality

  • Financial dashboard – includes personal details, profile score, financial health-check, suggestions and actions.
  • ‘People Like Me’ data profiles – the client can assign themselves their own Avatar.
  • Simple factfind – the end-user can enter basic personal details, attitude to risk and more.
  • Interactive suitability report – dynamic and interactive summary view, charts, editable goals and video.

Advice engines, APIs and financial planning tools

Our financial planning tools and advice engines give financial advisers an easy and engaging way to show their clients the real value of good advice.

Easy to use, powerful and engaging, these are dynamic tools which will let you deliver better client experiences and better client outcomes.

Advice Engine New

Advice Engine takes that a step further, integrating with the rest of the Focus product set to deliver complex, tax-optimised financial portfolios in moments.

Equally powerful with individual complex advice business as it is in processing entire back books and triaging the results, Advice Engine is a must-have tool for modern financial advice firms looking to increase efficiency.

Skipton Building Society are excited about the difference it will make to their business. read more about Advice Engine, from Focus


  • Interactive modelling of real-life client scenarios.
  • Demonstrating market crashes and varying conditions.
  • Fast journey from fact find to graph within 30 seconds.
  • Drag and drop ‘what ifs’ to see real time results.
  • Option to chart IHT liability and LTA.
  • Initial and ongoing costs at product level.

Features and functionality

  • ‘What ifs’ functionalities for retirement, estate, protection and investment planning.
  • Estimated factfind.
  • Risk profile selection.
  • Fully managed service hosted in the UK.
  • Scenario manager.
  • Client and case reporting.
  • Deterministic cashflow modelling.
  • Co-browsing and webchat.

Advice delivery and business management

Providing an integrated and innovative suite of tools, including an engaging client portal, our adviser tool set enables you to deliver a proactive, client-centric advised service.

Our advice delivery tool scales with your needs, integrating seamlessly with other digital capabilities via API, allowing you to focus on delivering advice. If you want it to, it can grow to become your full advice management system.

Engage and acquire new consumers and deliver world-class services, with our planning tools and engines delivering integrated automation.

Allow your clients to experience the value of advice, transact and enjoy intuitive and engaging service reviews, which have been mathematically optimised automatically by our Advice Engine New.


Our adviser tool set helps you build, develop and retain your client base by providing the tools to minimise administrative processes and deliver outstanding client service.

  • Save time, allowing your advisers to focus on higher value client engagement.
  • Visibly deliver more value and clearer information to clients.
  • Streamline and automate business processes to reduce operational costs.
  • Increase client satisfaction, generate more sales and grow stronger lifetime client value.
  • Improve cash-flow by reducing time to complete.
  • Reduce IT costs through the rationalisation of disparate systems.
  • Tailor the process, products, funds and core components to suit your organisation.

Features and functionality

Our adviser tool set supports you in delivering the full range of financial sales across all products and markets.

  • End to end advice process support, from fund and tax-wrapper research through comparison quotes, product literature and price feeds, on to solution recommendation, suitability letter generation, application and ongoing client servicing.
  • Powerful software capabilities such as stochastic modelling, lifetime cashflow modelling, asset allocation, model portfolios and risk profiling.
  • Multi-channel client servicing platform, supporting face to face, co-browsing, telephony, online, self-service and mobile.
  • Joined-up client management, including portfolio creation, valuations, performance monitoring, event-based alerts, commission / fee management, compliance reporting and customer service reports.

Underlying technology features

  • Browser-based, cross-platform application UI.
  • Repeatedly tested and proven enterprise-class security.
  • API-accessible and truly service-oriented (SOA) supporting significant scale and integration into third-party systems.
  • Built using best of breed third-party components including Microsoft .Net, jQuery and Angular JS as well as our own, in-house technology stack that enables rapid process and UI development.
  • Built to support Origo standards
  • A rich data model with more than 20,000 fields, supporting all aspects of full advice and ongoing servicing.
  • Hosted by us on Azure as part of the cost.

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