Our customers

Focus Solutions has successfully implemented over 100 sales automation projects ranging from complex multi platform installations to individual point of sale solutions. Our customers include major life & pension providers, leading bancassurers, significant wealth management players and mortgage lenders.

Some of our customers have requested that we withhold their identities, so we are unable to provide a complete list. However, we are able to share some of the testimonials that we have received.

"We needed a solution that could provide full support across all our financial products and integrate with the other systems we had in the bank in order to achieve a single view of the customer. With this system we have achieved this, significantly improving our proposition to customers, and delivering something truly unique in the industry for wealth management."

"Focus' reputation for delivering flexible, efficient and effective e-commerce solutions combined with their industry knowledge made them our preferred technology partner. The new proposition will enable us to develop our brand and distribution strategy whilst supporting our vision for growth."

"Providing advisers with the capability to trade electronically with us is key to our distribution strategy. Using Focus' technology in collaboration with BEA WebLogic Integration will enable us to reuse our e-commerce solutions across multiple channels including the adviser portals, reducing our maintenance costs and centralising content and change control."

"Focus Solutions Group has provided us with outstanding consultancy and guidance through the financial regulation environment. Their ability to not only conduct audits of regulated activities, but to provide practical coaching and suggestions, has gained our trust and appreciation.

We are very proud to be associated with Focus Solutions Group."

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