Engage. Retain. Deliver.

Engage. Retain. Deliver.

Transforming client engagement for wealth managers and private banks.


Focus:wealth simplifies, streamlines and automates business processes to let wealth management teams, intermediaries and consumers focus on accomplishing their goals with the minimum of effort.

It has been built with Wealth Managers in mind. Focusing on creating the highest standard in the client experience and supported by the most extensive end-to-end capability in the UK’s advice market place.

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  • Cutting-edge digital experience for you & your clients
  • Personalised journey with our customised client portal
  • One holistic view of your client with our financial planning and portfolio management capabilities
  • Single source workflow: simplifies and streamlines your business processes
  • Identify and engage with potential clients with ease
  • We’re experts at integration, easily integrating with your existing systems

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Features & functionality

  • Manage clients from prospect, through to take on and into ongoing relationship management
  • Record and manage interested party relationships
  • Create personalised suitability letters
  • Fully auditable with comprehensive MI & management reporting
  • Tailor communications at individual client level
  • Design and manage your own workflows
  • Highly configurable
  • Multi layered hierarchy
  • Document management & storage
  • Client portal with access for individuals and interested parties

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Key features

We use technology to deliver lasting business benefits for wealth managers who want to improve their clients' digital experience.

Prospect management

  • Identify potential clients
  • Support for client pitches
  • Risk & goals questionnaire
  • Existing client enrichment
  • Close out prospects

Account management

  • Client data / fact find
  • Sign-up documentation (including proposal)
  • Account setup (link to Platform Securities)
  • Maintain investment strategies
  • Suitability review (link to BITA monitor)


  • Transfers in (full & partial)
  • ISA transfers in (full and partial)
  • Transfers out (full and partial)
  • Withdrawals
  • Corporate actions / elections
  • Holdings and transactions (import from Platform Securities)

Client management

  • Maintain existing client data
  • Periodic reports / QRPs
  • Ad-hoc reports
  • Death process
  • Account closures

Management Information

  • Operation MI
  • Regulatory MI
  • Sales MI
  • Investment and risk governance MI
  • Quality assurance
  • Analytics


  • Internal users
  • External users
  • Restrictions
  • Data retention
  • Other data entities

Built on focus:360°

focus:wealth from Focus Solutions will transform client engagement for wealth managers.

It is built on the powerful core focus:360° business platform, which combines a rich digital interaction framework with powerful operational management capabilities.


focus:360° is an omni-channel, omni-goal financial services distribution platform.

Richly functional in its own right, focus:360° has more than 130 system integrations and a modular architecture that allows us to ‘wrap and deliver’ a huge range of additional third-party systems without impacting your users.

Driven by data, and focused on clients, it recognises user types and alters both the sales process and user experience automatically.

focus:360° delivers game-changing capabilities and provides a modern foundation for lifetime client engagement.


focus:360° supports any channel, any sales process, any product, any client type and any advice model from a single platform, enabling you to deliver a flexible and engaging consumer experience.

  • With an integrated view of client needs and provisions, identify more opportunities to deliver value.
  • Increase both up and cross-selling of products and services.
  • Increase client engagement with automatically tailored user experiences across channels.
  • Reduce ongoing costs with a future proof ongoing distribution strategy.
  • Rapidly develop and launch new products and propositions.
  • Streamline and automate business processes to reduce operational costs.
  • Reduce IT costs through streamlined IT architecture and rationalisation of disparate systems
  • Improve compliance and minimise compensation payments.

Features & functionality

focus:360° supports you in delivering the full range of financial sales, across all products and markets.

  • Omni-channel client servicing platform, supporting face-to-face, co-browsing (with now:share), telephony, online, self-service and mobile.
  • Joined-up client management, including portfolio creation, valuations, performance monitoring, event-based alerts, commission / fee management, compliance reporting and customer service reports.

Underlying technology features

  • Browser-based, cross-platform application UI.
  • Repeatedly tested and proven enterprise-class security.
  • Truly service-oriented (SOA) supporting significant scale and integration into wider enterprise systems.
  • Built using best of breed third-party components including Microsoft .Net, jQuery and Angular JS as well as our own, in-house technology stack that enables rapid process and UI development.
  • Built to support Origo standards
  • A rich data model with more than 19,000 fields, supporting all aspects of full advice and ongoing servicing.
  • Can be hosted by us (we partner with RackSpace) or deployed into your own environment.

focus:wealth, from Focus Solutions

Increased operational efficiency

focus:wealth summary: increasing operational efficiency by streamlining business processes using the focus:360 platform focus:wealth summary: increasing operational efficiency by streamlining business processes using the focus:360 platform

Streamlined business processes through focus:360°

There's a lot going on under the surface...

focus:360° has

0+ dynamic screens

which extend

0+ core screens.

Each can use

2,100+ sales rules.

There are over

19,100 data fields

and more than

65,100 data items.

as well as

8,100 training docs.

Powered by focus:360°, focus:wealth supports the end-to-end process


  • Capturing prospect data
  • Market research
  • Enriching existing clients
  • Client segmentation
  • Pitches and beauty parades
  • RFI

Fact find

  • Gather core client data (i.e. KYC)
  • Complete client information schedule (includes gather information on existing assets, e.g. income, source of wealth etc.)
  • Adviser agreements

Investment objectives / risk profiling

  • Investment goals
  • Preferences and restrictions
  • General financial objectives
  • Risk and goal questionnaire
  • Attitudes, values and experiences
  • Consistency check of responses
  • Capacity for loss


  • Client proposal production and distribution (mailing)
  • Configure reports to match clients
  • Investment construction (bespoke)
  • Model allocation (non-bespoke)

Account setup

  • Account setup, including fees
  • Platform Securities setup
  • Monies in
  • Welcome letter
  • Online access
  • File checks
  • Validation of account setup

MI reporting / monitoring

  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • ISA reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Business MI
  • Performance reporting

Client reporting

  • QRP / MRPs
  • Valuations
  • Bespoke client reporting

Client servicing

  • Fees and charges
  • Payments
  • Ad-hoc queries (e.g. performance reporting, detail changes)
  • Annual client reviews
  • Mandate strategy changes
  • Terminations (e.g. liquidate out and deceased)
  • Online client valuations
  • Ad-hoc mailings (e.g. corporate actions)

focus:wealth from Focus Solutions will transform client engagement for wealth managers.

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