A scalable mortgage lending platform

We know that the mortgage market is different.

Mortgage lenders are increasingly being impacted with regulatory requirements and are constantly being asked to demonstrate compliant processes time and again.

Consumers, and brokers, have an ever-increasing range of choices, and differentiation through value is getting harder. Our products allow lenders to reach out through brokers, or direct to consumer, to deliver truly excellent customer experiences that engage, inform and delight.

By taking a Focus Solution, you gain a number of key benefits.

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  • Reduce time to market for new products
  • Remove error-prone, paper based processes
  • Meet ever-changing regulatory requirements
  • Differentiate your service offering in an increasingly competitive market
  • Increase the amount of business submitted online


Focus can help

Focus has a range of products and services to help you with reviewing your current mortgage lender software and implementing a single extranet platform for the distribution of mortgages and related products.

focus:broker – an intermediary and consumer mortgage portal enabling mortgages and related products to be processed and serviced online.

domain expertise consultancy services – a selection of services to assist financial services organisations with managing regulatory change and delivering sound business transformation.

focus:broker lets you engage and delight your clients.

  • Custom content framework delivers tailored marketing.
  • Secure messaging and alerts keep clients informed.
  • Document uploads lets you each share what you need.
  • User testing and research drives great user experiences.
  • Co-browsing lets you connect and engage online.
  • Client portal supports lifetime client engagement.