Lifetime client engagement

Distributors continue to revisit their business models post-RDR and complete their client segmentation process as well as understanding how effective their service offerings have been.

Differentiating and managing client’s individual needs are at the heart of an effective distribution strategy. Clients expect to be able to interface across channels and utilise technology. Distributors need an effective use of technology to remain competitive and retain profitability.

In light of these industry factors you could be facing issues such as how to:

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  • Transition financial planning software to support an omni-channel approach.
  • Utilise financial planning software to provide a consistent, compliant quality service regardless of adviser.
  • Scale advice services and increase time spent with clients without increasing administrative overheads.
  • Meet new training and competency standards brought in by the RDR.
  • Provide advice relating to financial goals for longer term client management.
  • Integrate existing back-office infrastructure with financial planning software.


The focus:360° platform is designed to support your business

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Focus can help

Focus has a range of financial planning software and services to assist you with meeting these challenges, dependent upon your chosen business model.

Financial planning software

focus:360° – our omni-channel software can assist you with implementing organisation-wide distribution strategies across multiple financial products through a single platform.

focus:adviser – can help you build, develop and retain your client base by providing holistic financial planning software to deliver outstanding customer service and minimise administrative processes.

focus:360° broker – an agile omni-channel extranet framework that facilitates electronic trading enabling you to reach a number of distribution channels more cost effectively.

Training & competency software

focus:progress – a personal development solution uniquely featuring a holistic view of T & C, testing and learning and development capabilities.


Training services – a selection of services from Focus to help you align your skills and qualifications to the RDR.