in:focus with Conor Cridge

September 7, 2020

The people and the stories behind Focus Solutions.  Here’s our talented Graduate Developer, Conor.

How long have you worked for Focus?

I started in late February 2020 so not that long!

What did you do before Focus?

Focus is my first real job since finishing University. I have had many different part time jobs whilst studying over the three years, such as I used to work at John Lewis, made WordPress websites and I even brought and sold high end trainers such as Yeezy’s.

What made you follow this particular career path?

Software development has always been an interest of mine, I have enjoyed problem solving and maths since school. So, I took up computer science at GCSE, carried it on at A-LEVEL and then completed my BSc. Out of all my modules any sort of development were the ones I enjoyed most at University.

What does your day-to-day job entail?

I have recently moved to the Application Team where there is a variety of tasks to complete over 2-week sprints. These tasks can be anything from development to bugs.

Favourite thing about working for Focus?

I’d say the flexibility of work, getting to work 8am-4pm is something I have never had the luxury of before. Also, since starting everyone at Focus has been amazing to work with and very supportive throughout the first few months to get me up to speed.

Outside of work, how do you relax and like to spend your free time?

Mostly watching and playing football. I used to enjoy going down to Villa Park when the stadiums were open. I have recently brought some golf clubs and enjoy a few games of pitch and put. Other than sport I am an avid pc gamer, currently I play Fifa, Valorant and League.

Interesting fact about you?

My Mum and Dad foster children, currently I have a foster brother and a foster sister who live with me at home.

You’re stranded on a desert island; what three things would you want with you?

A desalination machine, harpoon and a lighter.