Corporate Responsibility at Focus Solutions

Corporate responsibility comprises the way in which organisations manage their core business to add social, environmental and economic value in order to produce a positive, sustainable impact for both society and the business itself.

Focus Solutions’ mission is to ensure we understand and take clear responsibility for current and potential business and environmental impacts on our stakeholders (employees, investors, customers and partners).

Our aim is to make sure that we continue to sustain responsible and ethical business practices, respect our employees, value our customers and continue to grow as a profitable company.

At Focus, corporate responsibility means:

  • continuing to maintain ethical trading practices.
  • reducing the impact of our working practices on the environment - See Focus' environmental policy.
  • encouraging flexible working styles such as the use of teleconferencing, working from home and flexible working to reduce the need to travel.
  • ensuring that the risks to health and safety of employees are properly controlled .
  • investing and becoming actively involved in the industry communities in which we operate.

Focus believes that effective management of corporate responsibility:

  • is vital to employee well-being.
  • has a role to play in enhancing the reputation of businesses and helping Focus achieve success and maintain a profitable position.
  • is financially beneficial to business and all stakeholders involved.